Audit and Analitics Advance

Audit & analytics advance

Audit of the website from WebUkraine studio is professional assessment of your web page which is sent to search for mistakes in the text or the software, slow down conversion. Professionals check an Internet resource as far as it suits requirements of search mechanisms, and also eliminate the defects interfering hit of the website on the first pages of search engines.

The basic stage of optimization is a technical and text monitoring. Complex actions are carried out in several steps, of which issue of the report is final following the results of, and also councils for improvement.

Complex works include:

• Audit advance – as far as the web page conforms to requirements of search engines;

• Тext – whether relevant words are correctly distributed;

• Technical aspect – true technical part of an Internet resource;

• Safety – it is how easy to break;

• Сompetitor analysis – the platforms occupying a niche, similar to you, move ahead.

All this allows to achieve maximum efficiency by advance in search engines. The it is easier to find you, the higher at you to sale! Order check of your resource already now!

WEB – analytics – this observation, collecting and definition of data on the one who and how visits a resource, and also the analysis of these data. Such service is directed to optimization for increase in conversion.

In Ukraine it is possible to distinguish from problems of web analytics:

• Reduction of price which you pay for one client;

• Marking of problems on the website;

• Assessment of coherence of a resource with tasks of its owner;

• Search of sources for increase in conversion on the platform;

• Definition of quality and quantity of the entering traffic.

Why you need the analysis of a resource?

1. Your platform is insufficiently effective, it is difficult to find him through a search engine, and the contextual advertizing doesn’t work.

2. There is a problem which doesn’t allow to convince the client of commission of target action.

3. Your indicator of return on investment or ROI too low.

Web Ukraine offers full setup of tools of the analysis for the correct collecting and data processing. Specialists of the company in web analytics can adjust Google Analytics and Yandex. A metrics under problems of your website. Your website shortly will begin to make notable profit on happy clients, it is easy and pleasant to them to use the web page.