Context Advance

Context advance

The contextual advertizing is posted online and shown to the client near search results depending on his inquiry. Also she can be found on the websites with similar subject. Such service in Ukraine began to be used relatively recently. Power of this tool is invaluable to effective advance of business.

There are several types:

1. Media contextual Banner for a certain audience.

2. Thematic. It is posted on the websites with similar her text subject. The corresponding advertizing blocks can be seen in the top part of the page or to the right of results of delivery Google or Yandex.

3. Поисковая.Settles down on the right or from above web pages.

The Web Ukraine company develops strategy of management of advertizing on the Internet for you. Experts correct announcements for his emergence on the page of search delivery. Upon termination of a campaign experts provide a detailed report following the results of and to the main indicators, and also make amendments to advance during the campaign. The correct advertizing – the key to success!

Google AdWords & trade; contextual advertizing in Google

GoogleAdwords ™ control; for growth of sales.

It is the effective tool for entry into the market and bystry customer acquisition from the Internet.

You will have new visitors on the website soon after start of advertizing campaign.

You receive the visitors who are most interested in purchase of your goods or service.

It is worth ordering effective control of contextual advertizing from us.

The traffic occurs in time, necessary for you, the place and a day of the week – everything is set very precisely.

Your clients will see your advertisements at once, once he enters a search query.

The contextual advertizing will increase quantity of calls of potential clients from the first day of start.

GoogleAdwords™ it is possible to use as in the international advertizing – over the countries, regions, in the cities, and within the distance specified by you.