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The logo is an important element of any brand. Everyone even small firm has to have the logo that will cause a stir from competitors. The logo is a fundamental part of the corporate style. Style, color, the concept – all this is in a logo and proceeding from these parameters the design of other elements of the corporate style, namely the form, an envelope, business cards, folders, handles, etc. is created. The logo the price – depends on that, what is the time the designer will spend for creation of options of a logo. And it is important to know that for creation of a good logo not one hour as creation begins with idea formation is necessary. For this reason creation of a logo the price is formed recognizing from – the fact that 3-4 days will be spent for him. At the same time creation of a logo is a stage-by-stage work. At first the ideas are generated: what the logo that clients having only looked at it has to express have obtained the necessary information. After that the designer are developed it is black white sketches and only after the statement the designer can get to the main work – to create a logo in a vector format, the first options are more right than him. The design of a logo goes to the client and after receiving wishes the designer is engaged in completion of option. To develop a logo is an important step for formation of the identity of the company. When you have decided to order a logo, important aspect is filling of a brief – it is the list of wishes in a format of the short questionnaire. It is good if the client in the head has already defined exact vision of the future logo, and it facilitates and improves work between the designer and the client. As the illustrator it is necessary only to draw all wishes in electronic form.

Work stage:

– You can issue the application at us. It should be noted that this stage is very important as at execution of the application for development of a logo or the corporate style it is necessary to state the wishes most precisely.

After careful studying the order comes time of the long analysis of competitors, monitoring of the European companies and studying of specifics of business. As a result we form the unique idea and we visualize it.

Depending on the logo chosen by you like development or the corporate style we provide ready options in different concepts. During creation of each logo we use various fonts, colors, signs and configurations that, certainly, increases your choice.

You choose the most suitable concept then we finish it from the offered options. It can be corrections of a sign, configuration change, selection of fonts, and also flowers.

After the final statement of a logo we give you his source which will be confirmation of copyright of his use subsequently.

Development of a logo is a team process which is carried out together with the customer. Only the client, knowing all subtleties of the business and audience, can prompt which & amp; laquo; person & amp; raquo; the companies will better be accepted by consumers. The logo is the first acquaintance to your company. It is laborious work on each detail of design. He is enough to be seen and remembered once well. And we offer you creation of a logo which will belong to you and of which we will be proud. In our team the best designers of Ukraine and for this reason we are sure that we will be able to realize the project of any complexity work.

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