Information Support

Information Support

After creation and placement of the website on a hosting, without continued support of a resource during the whole time it is impossible to realize project potential completely. Without high-quality professional service the website won’t be able to take the leading positions in the rating of search engines that in turn will lead to reduction of the expected profit. The WEBUKRAINE studio at the highest level gives information support of the websites and online stores.

What is represented by service of information support

Information support the Internet of a resource represents a complex of the optimum actions and actions aimed at timely, expeditious providing updating of text and graphic content. Information and technical support of the websites includes professional service, administration, monitoring, filling, change of information components of the website, and also the solution of the technical questions connected with a hosting and the domain of a resource. Information support of the website can independently carry out that is connected with certain risks, expenses of time and finance. Therefore in order to avoid problems, it is better to use the help of qualified specialists of professional web studios.

Information support from WEBUKRAINE studio

The WEBUKRAINE web studio specializes in rendering of services on advance and optimization of the websites, the resource Internet provides professional information support of yours. Having addressed from our company it is possible to use service of single supports or to order complex service. Single information support approaches in case the owner of the website doesn’t plan to make changes to the project constantly. In this case it is necessary to prepare materials, publications, to specify the necessary tasks then our experts will carry out processing, formatting, optimization, placement of information (texts, pictures) in the necessary format, taking into account all wishes of the customer therefore the website takes more professional form, to become attractive to search robots and systems.

Information support from WEBUKRAINE includes:

• change of graphic elements, design of a resource, optimization of texts under pictures;

• change of functionality of a resource;

• additions of new pages, partitions into website;

• development and placement of banners;

• imposition and placement of information text materials.

Having used service of full information support. our clients with guarantee receive regular filling of the websites new, qualitative content, taking into account requirements of CEO optimization, change of the existing information and graphic materials. The cost of service depends on the chosen tariff plan (basic, main business) which is defined by the number of normo-hours. Managers of our company will help to choose an optimum tariff plan with an individual order.