Protection DDoS-attacks

Protection DDoS-attacks

Protection against the DDoS-attacks is a main problem of any resource.

DDoS-attacks – it the attack which purpose is the overload of the server and violation of his working capacity is directed. For prevention of such attacks use group of the surge protectors analyzing the entering traffic, show abnormal activity and, if necessary, block similar streams.

What do we offer?

Our company provides protection of the server against the DDoS-attacks, and also the complex protection against the DDoS-attacks constructed on a line of products Fortinet, namely FortiDDoS which are capable to block the DDoS-attack to 500 GB / FortiDDoS page effectively protects infrastructure of the company from the existing threats and stops of critical services. It becomes pointed elimination of the network attacks of DDoS of the attacks including at the level of applications. Devices of this kind are capable to protect both physical, and cloudy infrastructure of the enterprise, using advanced technologies of a filtration.

After introduction of a hardware and software system of protection of FortiDDos you receive network safe in every respect, including:

• complete control of network of the enterprise;

• identification and elimination of threats in the automatic mode;

• management of width of the channel of users;

• management of width of the channel of users;

• protection of the server against the DDOS attacks;

•protection of the website of the DDOS attacks.

We divided the provision of such services in 3 parts:

• consulting;

• the choice of a hardware component and Software;

• expansion and configuration.

• Our experts will absolutely free of charge provide you information on any questions of the choice of the equipment, and also financial side of a question.