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WEBUKRAINE can suggest you to register any domain and the shortest time. Since 2015 we can register domains in any zones and on further maintenance and also gives support of a hosting. If you are interested in placement at us or acquisition of the new domain – you have come to the address. Our corporation offers at the anti-recessionary prices registration of domain names of any zones and an inexpensive hosting with full technological support and service support. At us you will be able to choose service depending on requirements of the resource – at choice it is offered various options which will be able to ensure your trouble-free operation, whether it be the usual website or Online store with a big flow of clients.

You can register these domains:

GR Greece

GS BB. Georgia and Yu. Sendvich of the island

GT Guatemala

GU Guam

GW Guinea-Bissau

GY Guyana

НК Hong Kong

HM – Heard and McDonald Islands

HN Honduras

HR Croatia

HT Haiti

HU Bulgaria

ID Indonesia

IE Ireland

IL Israel

IN India

IO British Indiana ocean. territories

IQ Iraq

IR Iran

IS Iceland

IT Italy

JE Island of Jersey

JM Jamaica

JO Jordan

JP Japan

KE Kenya

KG Kyrgyzstan

KH Kambodzhiya

KI – Kiribati

KM Comoros

KN – Saint Kitts and Nevis

KP North Korea

KR South Korea

KW Kuwait

KY Cayman Islands

KZ Kazakhstan

LA Laos

LB Lebanon

LC Santa-Lucia

LI Liechtenstein

LK Shrilanka

LR Liberia

LS Lesotho

LT Lithuania

LU Luxembourg

LV Latvia

LY Libiya

MA Morocco

MC Monaco

MD Moldova

MG Madagascar

MH Marshall islands

MK Macedonia


ML Mali

MM Mjyanmar

MN Mongolia

MO Makau

MP – Northern Mariana Islands

MQ Mangtigua

MR Mauritania

MS Monserrat

MT Malta

MU Mauritius

MV Maldives

MW Malawi

MX Mexico

MY Malaysia

NA Namibia

NC New Caledonia

NE Niger

NF Norfolk islands

NG Nigeria

NI Nicaragua

NL Netherlands

NO Norway

NP Nepal

NR Nauru

NT Neutral zone

NU Niue

NZ New Zealand

OM Oman

PA Panama

PE Peru

PF French Polynesia

PG Papua New Guinea

PH Philippines

PK Pakistan

PL Poland

PM – St. Pierre and Miquelon

PN – Pitcairn

PR Puertoriko

PT Portugal

PW – Palau

PY Paraguay

QA – Qatar

RE Reunion

RO Romania

RW Rwanda

RU Russia

SA Saudi Arabia

SB Solomon Islands

SC Seychelles

SD Sudan

SE Sweden

SG Singapore

SH Saint Elena


SI Slovenia

SJ – Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands

SK Slovakia

SL Leone’s Sierra

SM San Marino

SN Senegal

SO Somalia

SR Surinam

ST – Sao Tome and Principe

SV El Salvador

SY Syria

SZ Svazerlend

TC – Turks and Caicos Islands

TD Chad

TF Southern French territories

TG Togo

TH Thailand

TJ Tajikistan

TK – Tokelau

TM Turkmenistan

TN Tunisia

TO Tonga

TP East Timor

TR Turkey

TT Trinidad and Tobago

TV – Tuvalu

TW Taiwan

TZ Tanzania

UA Ukraine

UG Uganda

UK Great Britain

UM – US Minor Outlying Islands


UY Uruguay

UZ Uzbekistan

VA Vatican

VC СантВинсент and Grenada

VE Venezuela

VG Virdzhinsky islands (UK)

VI Virdzhinsky islands (US)

VN Vietnam

VU – Vanuatu

WF – Wallis and Futuna Islands

WS Samoa

YE Yemen

YT – Mayotte

YU Yugoslavia

ZA South Africa

ZM Zambia

ZR Zaire

ZW Zimbabwe

Domain names – a sort of hierarchical system that allows users to quickly navigate the Internet. After essentially all computers that have access to the network, identified through IP-address. Typically, IP-address – a set of figures was clear the average user, but thanks to the domain name can be & laquo; seek & raquo; Resource using simple and clear each name:, etc.

.com – commercial sites;

.ru – mainly Russian sites;

.ua – mainly Ukrainian sites

.uk – mostly English site

.us – mostly American sites

.eu – mainly European sites – etc.

Our sites are easy to install and operate hosting for domains of any level. Place the template on hosting, call your property as you like and run it online.

You can order any domain and in the shortest time you get it and infinite number of Posts, support for the domain name and all questions that arise during the work-related domain names, we decide immediately.